Food Choices on Vacation

When I ended Whole30, I had transitioned to my version of Whole30/Paleo.  It allowed me to eat clean but still have some treats like chia seed pudding and wine.  Then my family went to Maui for 12 days (10 days vacation + 2 days travel) and clean eating came to an end.  I ate plenty of clean meals while on vacation, like breakfast and most lunches, but I still ate a lot of “off plan” foods like fish and chips, fish tacos with tortilla shells, bread, pizza, burgers and fries.  Oh and carrot cake.  I can’t forget the yummy carrot cake!

Do I regret it?  Nope! Not one bit!

I probably should regret all the “bad” food choices I made, but I am so freaking tired of feeling guilty about food.  Why should I feel guilty for eating fries and burger?  I shouldn’t!  Do I eat like that all the time?  No!  Not even close. I have decided my personal war with food is over!

What has changed from before?  Me.  I have changed.  Being on Whole30 has really changed my life and my entire outlook.  I have stopped counting calories.  I have stopped looking at food as the enemy.  It was hard starting Whole30 but every day on it, because just that much easier.

This time I don’t feel like an absolute failure.

Years before when I would come off vacation, I would continue my vacation eating even after vacation.  I felt that since I wasn’t able to maintain a strict diet on vacation, I had failed so I might was well give up.

Not this time

Am I a failure for not being able to adhere to a strict diet while traveling 25+ hours (round trip), dealing with jet-lagged babies, and staying in a hotel room for 6 days without access to a kitchen? No.  I still made clean choices for most of my meals, but there were a few others that were anything but clean.  That is ok.  Vacation is not real life.

Back to Normal

Now that we are back to our normal life, I am back to my normal eating.  Maybe I am “back on track” or maybe I’m just back to my new normal way of eating.  I don’t know.  Feeling this way is new to me.  I can tell you I was glad to fill my fridge with the healthy foods I’ve grown accustomed to.  More than that I just glad to be back into my routine.

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