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    Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs (Whole30)

      To be honest, I usually don’t have the energy to come up with a new meal everyday.  Some days are so hectic, if I don’t have leftovers in the fridge, then I’ll turn to something fast which usually means junky.  This means having healthy leftovers in the fridge vital. Sometimes I’ll make a big pot of something on the stove, but my slow cooker is my go-to friend for these, bigger than normal, meals.  I’ve been trying to get into the habit of chopping all the veggies for the upcoming week on Sundays.  It is really a huge timesaver as the week wears on. Finding Compliant Broth Part of Whole30…

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    Most meatball recipes call for 1 lbs of ground meat.  I think that is cute.  When I make meat balls, I will make the shit out of those. They are labor intensive.  If I’m going to spend that much time making something, it better last a long time.  I will freeze them almost immediately and just take out what we plan to eat.  In our house 4 lbs of meatballs will last about a month, maybe longer if we forget we have some.  Sometimes it is the only thing the toddler will eat. The recipe calls for onion which is a pretty basic meatball ingredient, but I have been known…