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Rosemary Roast Beef

Being on Whole30 has forced me to spend more time in the kitchen.  I have been cooking a lot more.  As a result I have become more confident in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes.  For most cooking a roast is basic but I’ve only done a slow cooker pot roast.

Today I decided to try an oven roast with a spice rub.  I used a 3.5 lbs top round roast from Robinson Hill Beef for this recipe.

We loved this roast as a simple dinner or sliced thin for sandwiches.


Looks a little like grass. Trust me it is amazing!


Update:  4/25/2017 – I’m so sorry! Something happened with my blog and all my recipes disappeared.  I’m working on getting them back on here.  Please check back soon.

This recipe was slightly adapted from Certified Angus Beef.

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