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Body After Baby: Week 2

This was originally published on my old blog

Hello Mood Swings!  If you’ve ever had a baby or lived with someone who just had a baby, you are familiar with the crazy hormone surges in the weeks after.  The first week or so I was on the hormone high.  I had boundless energy, was very happy, and just felt like I could go, go, go!

Well this week I’ve had the hormone crash.  It is very predictable and usually happens around the second week and it is not fun.  How do I know?  I’ve been snippy and weepy, sometimes at the same time.  While the hormone changes are normal, I know it hasn’t been much fun for my husband. Luckily for me he is very understanding about what is going on with my body and just rolls with my moods.

I’ve been focusing on resting, getting quality baby time, and getting out of the house.   After my last pregnancy I had mild postpartum depression.  Part of my PPD treatment was getting out of the house and being active.  I’m hoping being active early on will help me be proactive against PPD.  I don’t know if it works that way, but it can’t hurt.


Body After Baby Date Weight
Day I entered hospital to give birth August 31, 2016 176.8 lbs
Post-Partum Week 1 September 8, 2016 159.6 lbs
Post-Partum Week 2 September 15, 2016 154.4 lbs


I’m feeling pretty well recovered physically.  No more postpartum bleeding.  All the soreness in my hips and lower back are gone.  Other than the hormones, I’m feeling normal again.  Since I feel good, I am going to start up yoga classes again.

Wednesday’s Hike

When I did yoga during my pregnancy I learned not only to really listen to my body, but respect its limitations.  Obviously when you have a big belly there are some yoga poses that you just cannot do!  I’m hoping to take those pregnancy lessons and ease myself back into a yoga routine.

Day Distance Time
Monday 1.1 miles 24.46s
Tuesday 1.15 miles 23:40s
Wednesday 1.5 miles 37:09s
Thursday Gardening 90 minutes

Thursday I spent about an hour and a half trying to tame  an overgrown garden plot.  Using a weed whacker, hedge trimmers, and a rake I finally got all the tall weeds down and was able to see dirt.  I was definitely feeling it in my arms on Friday.


One of the great things about marrying such a fantastic cook is all the amazing food he can create.    He can create healthy and very tasty dishes.  He can also create some very rich and indulgent desserts.  In between the curries, grilled meats, and veggies, he whipped up this gorgeous peanut butter pie and yes it is more delicious than it looks 🙂

My Husband’s Peanut Butter Pie
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